Bar Staff Hire

Welcome to The Sydney Mixologists, where we’re all about turning your parties and corporate events into unforgettable experiences with our hassle-free packages. We’ve got everything covered – from bringing in our expert bar staff who know their way around crafting amazing drinks to providing the full setup with bar and equipment hire.

Our friendly and skilled bar staff not only mix up fantastic cocktails but also bring a lively vibe to your event, ensuring everyone has a blast. And when it comes to the setup, we’ve got you covered with bar and equipment hire – from stylish counters to all the tools needed for a top-notch bar experience.

At The Sydney Mixologists, we believe in simplicity and excellence. Our packages are designed to take the stress out of organizing your events. So, whether it’s a big celebration or a corporate gathering, choose The Sydney Mixologists for a worry-free, exceptional experience that will leave your guests talking about your event for all the right reasons.

Thinking of cutting costs by skipping professional bar staff? 💸 Think again! The positive impact on guest satisfaction, efficiency, and overall experience far outweigh the initial investment. Don't settle for less! 🚫

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🎉 Don't underestimate the impact of a skilled mixologist.

Bar Staff Hire

Simplify Your Celebration

  • Standard Bartender

    Our Standard Bartender is a mixologist from our team who ONLY makes standard alcoholic drinks based on your choice.

    ​Standard alcoholic drinks include:

    Alcoholic drinks without any complicated requirements, some examples include:

    • Vodka Red Bull
    • Gin and Tonic
    • Alize’ and Lemonade
    • Beer opening
    • Wine and Champaign pouring

    We ensure that our Standard Bartenders arrive to your event 30 minutes prior to set-up and stay 30 minutes after to ensure the bartending section is left how we found it.

  • Cocktail Bartender

    Our Cocktail Bartender is a mixologist from our team who makes both standard alcoholic drinks and cocktails – based on your choice.

    ​If you already have the glasses and the alcohol and you just need to hire the skills, – The Sydney Mixologists offer you the possibility to hire a cocktail bartender for as long as you need.

    ​If you don’t have the alcohol nor glassware there’s no need to stress because The Sydney Mixologists are your helping hand where we give you the option of hiring glassware and providing the alcohol.

    We ensure that our Cocktail Bartenders arrive to your event 30 minutes prior to set-up and stay 30 minutes after to ensure the bar tending section is left how we found it.

  • Waiter/Waitress

    At The Sydney Mixologists we offer waiter/waitress hire to serve anything related to beverages.

    ​The benefit of having a waiter/waitress is that your guests are able to stand, sit, dance or be anywhere in your event while their drinks come to them which also ensures that there isn’t a queue at the bar.

    You also have the option of hiring our waiter or waitress separately for food service.

    ​You can rest assured knowing that our waiter/waitress will give yourself and your guests an experience that will not be forgotten.

  • Bar-back

    Our bar-backs provide assistance to our bartenders. The Sydney Mixologists have ensured that their bar-backs work efficiently behind the scenes to keep the bar running smoothly without anyone noticing they are even there.

    Having a bar-back at your event ensures that the bar is fully equipped with drinks, cups, ice etc all night long, leaving the bartender to solely focus on providing, creating and serving drinks to your guests.

    ​If you are hiring glassware from The Sydney Mixologist  then our bar-back is also able to wash the glassware throughout the night which ensures you aren’t hiring high quantities of glassware which ultimately benefits you.

Why choose us?

Well, we do more than just mix drinks – we create an amazing experience for your guests. Our cocktails are carefully crafted to taste amazing, and the way we present them adds a classy touch to your event.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a private celebration, we’ve got your bar needs covered. From sleek cocktail shakers to stylish glassware, we’ve got the tools to turn your event into a memorable experience.

We always aim to go above and beyond what you expect.

  • Extensive selection of high quality bar equipment
  • Impeccably maintained and thoroughly cleaned items
  • Competitive rates and flexible rental packages
  • Prompt and reliable delivery and pickup services
  • Expert advice and assistance for a flawless setup

Call us now to discuss your requirements and let us help you create the perfect bar setup for your upcoming celebration! Cheers to a fantastic event! 🥳🥂

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Frequently asked questions

For more info, check out our FAQs. Can't find what you need? Shoot us a message, and we'll make sure to get you the answers you're looking for!

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  • What is your minimum rate for staff hire?

    The minimum hire rate is 3 hours for all staff

  • How many bartender / waiter do I need?

    We typically recommend a ratio of 1 bartender per 25-30 guests for a quality service.

  • Do you charge for travel?

    The Sydney Mixologists charge a travel fee where applicable. The travel charges will be confirmed once we have the address in full and will be added to the bill.

  • Can I hire bartenders and staff with the bar hire?

    Yes, you can hire bartenders and staff to work at the bar stand if you prefer not to handle the service yourself.

  • What is each staff member responsible for?

    • Cocktail Bartender: Making the cocktails, they are also able to make standard drinks and serve beer, wine and champagne.
    • Standard Bartender: Making standard drinks. Our Standard Bartenders DON’T make cocktails, they solely serve standard drinks, beer, wine and champagne.
    • Waiters: Our waiters walk around with the drinks, making your event special. If you don’t want all the guests at the bar, waiters is a fantastic solution.
    • Bar Back: Our bar back is best for every event especially if hiring Glassware. Bar Backs collect the glassware throughout the event which ensures you aren’t hiring hundreds of glasses. They also assist the bartenders in taking out rubbish, refilling the ice and doing any necessary running around.
  • How many bartenders or staff members should I hire for my event?

    The number of staff needed depends on the size and type of your event. A good rule of thumb is to have one bartender per 20-25 guests.

  • Are bar staff responsible for setting up the bar area?

    Yes, typically the bar staff will handle the setup of the bar area, including arranging bottles, glassware and other equipment.

  • Do I need to provide uniforms for the bar staff?

    No, our staff come dressed in white button ups, black pants and closed shoes. We also provide the aprons for the staff to wear.

  • Can I hire just the Equipment without the staff?

    Of course you can!