Hire a Professional Waiter / Waitress

At The Sydney Mixologists we offer waiter/waitress hire to serve anything related to beverages.

​The benefit of having a waiter/waitress is that your guests are able to stand, sit, dance or be anywhere in your event while their drinks come to them which also ensures that there isn’t a queue at the bar.

You also have the option of hiring our waiter or waitress separately for food service.

​You can rest assured knowing that our waiter/waitress will give yourself and your guests an experience that will not be forgotten.

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Our bartenders do ONE thing ~ bartending ~ and we do it to perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum hire rate is 3 hours for all staff
We typically recommend a ratio of 1 bartender per 25-30 guests for a quality service.
The Sydney Mixologists charge a travel fee where applicable. The travel charges will be confirmed once we have the address in full and will be added to the bill.
  • Cocktail Bartender: Making the cocktails, they are also able to make standard drinks and serve beer, wine and champagne.
  • Standard Bartender: Making standard drinks. Our Standard Bartenders DON’T make cocktails, they solely serve standard drinks, beer, wine and champagne.
  • Waiters: Our waiters walk around with the drinks, making your event special. If you don’t want all the guests at the bar, waiters is a fantastic solution.
  • Bar Back: Our bar back is best for every event especially if hiring Glassware. Bar Backs collect the glassware throughout the event which ensures you aren’t hiring hundreds of glasses. They also assist the bartenders in taking out rubbish, refilling the ice and doing any necessary running around.

The number of staff needed depends on the size and type of your event. A good rule of thumb is to have one bartender per 20-25 guests.

Yes, typically the bar staff will handle the setup of the bar area, including arranging bottles, glassware and other equipment.

No, our staff come dressed in white button ups, black pants and closed shoes. We also provide the aprons for the staff to wear.

Of course you can!

Why choose us?

The Sydney Mixologists have an attention to detail and are devoted to ensuring that our customers and their guests are completely and utterly satisfied.

It is our goal to do anything and everything possible to guarantee that your event is a success in which we do so efficiently, effectively and inconspicuously.

Having The Sydney Mixologists at your event, you as the host/hostess are able to enjoy the function rather then running to and from.

Liquor Licence Disclaimer

The Sydney Mixologists supports the responsible service of alcohol. It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years. The Sydney Mixologists will be able to provide liquor for your function utilising our on-premise liquor license number LIQO660034600 or be able to only provide non-alcoholic services and products such as non-alcoholic beverages, staff hire, mobile bar hire, glassware hire and equipment hire. Contact us for more information.
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